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This is a great opportunity for a person/family to have pick of the litter. This puppy/dog is considered for breeding by Heavenly puppies to love. A guardian home is a co-owner ship between the family and breeder. 

The Guardian Home programs allows us to continue quality breeding while allowing our pups/dogs to live in its forever home from the start. 

Benefits for the dog

  • Lives in its forever home from the start 

  • Gets all the care, attention and love

  • Lives in a structured oriented home

  • Is accustomed to a routine that will stay relatively the same   

Benefits to Guardian home   

  • FREE top of the line quality dog

  • Experience the puppy process 

  • Get to help with picking out some of your dogs puppies names 

Benefits to the Breeder​

  • Gets to breed and raise top quality  dogs that get the love they need

  • Gets to continue stable lines without over crowding dogs 

  • Hand picks Guardian Families and makes new friends

All litters will be whelped in our home, and the mother dogs will stay with us for about 7 weeks till the puppies are fully weaned. We allow our momma dogs to wean when they are ready, and never separate them from the puppies too early.  


Once a dog has retired from breeding, they will be spayed/neutered at our expense, and full ownership will be transferred to the guardian family. 

Guardian Home Requirements:

  • You must live within 2 hour distance of Bellingham WA

  • Dog must must always be leashed in a non fenced area. (unless micrchipped and has dog tag)

  • You must feed the food and supplements we recommend and require

  • You must provide regular health and veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccines

  • You must provide professional grooming every 6-8 weeks (Heavenly Puppies to Love can groom if wanted)

  • You must provide at least monthly photos so we can see how our dog is maturing. Plus, who wouldn’t want tons of dog pictures?!

  • You must be able to transport the puppy/dog to when needed for breeding/health testing/whelping (we are also able to pick up dog if needed)

  • You must provide proper training. Guardian families must complete levels 1 and 2 of basic training by the time the puppy is 1 year old, and provide proof of training to us. Levels 1 and 2 are basic level obedience classes that provide socialization, manners, and basic commands that are necessary for a well behaved dog.

These requirements are simple, and lookout for the wellbeing of our dogs. While the above requirements may seem like a lot written out, they are likely the same things you would be doing for any puppy you purchase. 


If the above requirements seem like something you could do, please feel free to                         for more information!



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